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PSA 3/1


The PSA 3/1 is an overload protection and weighing system that can be used in many applications including: EOT cranes, bridge cranes, container cranes, steel mill cranes, straddle cranes and harbor cranes. The PSA 3/1 controls equipment by activating/deactivating functions via relay switches, analog outputs or standard PSA 3/1 interfaces.

The system’s flexible design incorporates all Hirschmann/PAT standard sensors and offers a vide range of operator interfaces including large numeric displays and operator consoles to meet specific application requirements. The PSA 3/1 can be programmed to monitor all critical load conditions such as overload, unbalanced loads, slack cables, snagload and load moment. All system set up and programming is done through the user-friendly, PC based Configuration Manager which does not require prior programming knowledge or special tools to operate.

  • All standard sensors (load, pressure, angle, length, all - purpose) can be used
  • Registration of measured values
  • Mathematic data processing (+, -, *, /, min., max.)
  • Self - check of sensors and input data
  • Non-linear data processing (CURVE module)
  • Open adaptation of display indicators
  • Interface for external displays