Technical Service Training


Well trained personnel are a necessity in today's highly competitive marketplace.

Let Hirschmann help give you an edge over the competition.

Hirschmann Technical Service Training courses feature training in a classroom environment and also provides actual hands-on experience with system simulators. The courses include system theory, sensor calibration, wiring, and hands-on trouble shooting. Hirschmann's training courses are structured to meet the requirements of mechanics and operators regardless of their level of experience.

Our instructors are Hirschmann industry experts. They bring years of field experience to the classroom offering proven techniques to quickly and effectively troubleshoot system components.


Course Outline

- System Description and Function
- Console Description, Setup, and Operation
- Component Identification and Location
- Operating Error Codes
- Troubleshooting (Introduction)
- Troubleshooting (Components)
- Introduction to Service Screens
- Hands On Troubleshooting
- Questions and Answers

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MCS Training

*Hirschmann will structure courses for companies at their facilities to meet specific requirements.