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Product overview

Industrial Connectors

Sensor connectors

A global first: the installation-friendly series. The innovative circular connectors that use fast-lock technology to eliminate cumbersome screw connections.

Valve connector

Rectangular connectors of the GDM-series for hydraulic, pneumatic and electromagnetic actuators are available in all forms (type A/B/C).

Control connector

The robust circular connectors of the CA-/CM-series meet the most stringent requirements of general equipments in the field of measurement, control and regulation technology.

Fieldbus / ETHERNET connector

Innovative bus connectors transmit data at up to 100Mbit per second and guarantee these high transmission rates by the screened version.

Audio- and Video connector

Circular connectors of MAS-/MAK-series set a global standard for hi-fi and audiovisual media, offer secure connections in the field of computers and interfaces.